First Romance Story??

31 Jul

Finally, I am writing a romance story! I have always had lots of ideas for romance stories, but I would forget to write them down. Or, sometimes I would write it down and then change my mind, thinking it didn't sound interesting enough or what not. 

Although, I finally decided on a good story idea....and decided to make it into an actual story. The story came to me when I was just relaxing in bed, so the entire storyline isn't completely decided yet. 

The general story line is this: 

A school's bad bully falls in love with the new nice girl. 

There are probably a bunch of stories out there that have that exact storyline, but I am going to try and make mine different. I have posted just three chapters of my new book: "The Bully's Assistant" on Wattpad so far, and plan on updating the story as fast as I can. I will not forget about my other works on there, and will do my best to update all of them. 

My new story: "The Bully's Assistant" will for sure be filled with twists and turns. There will be moments in the story that will make you mad, sad, angry or all of them at the same time. 

And who knows? Maybe I will make all my stories connect with each other somehow. You will just have to read them to find out. 

That is about it with story announcements. I will put up a picture of the new book cover on my gallery, as well as a link to the book so you can check it out. 

Azzie...out! ❤

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