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Dealing With Rejection

How to deal with being rejected, and some tips on how I have dealt with rejection.

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News about Updates? New Update Schedule?

News about updates, and schedule updates? Read to find out more and be in the know!

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First Romance Story??

Did I finally write a romance story? Or am I just telling a lie?

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Learn what this website is all about!

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About Me

Hey there, my name is Azzie Noel! Welcome to my new website!
Here, you can learn more about me and come with me on this crazy adventure called Life!
Hope you enjoy this website, and remember to be happy!

*Don't forget to check out my profile on Wattpad: Azzie Noel 
About Me

Ask Azzie!

Have questions about Azzie? Here's your chance to ask!

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Welcome to My Crazy Life 😜

"Let your dreams be like butterflies that are trapped in jar. Take off the lid and let them soar!" 🦋

― Azzie Noel

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